…bursting out, exploding and erupting!

Since modern work habits, automated lifestyles and clinical environments have suppressed movement, muscular exercise , competition and adrenaline-driven motion, today we break free to perform sport in new and extreme fashions, again giving space and importance to the inherent needs to develop throughout our evolution. We want to face turbulent wind, muddy earth, rough water, cold snow and defy gravity while being wrapped and packed in the most advance textiles.
The role of sports in our lives will only grow over the coming decades as it will take over key roles in our education, leisure and health.
The influence of sports n fashion and design is a colossal step in the evolution of culture, providing us with materials, shapes, techniques and technologies- everything to stimulate creative minds, setting free an athletic spirit able to beat any crisis or stagnation.


The origin of the species

The process by which organism mutate over time as a result of modifications in physical and social behaviour traits, changes that allow an organism to adapt to its current environment and help it to survive in order to create a next generation.
Darwinism is the concept of the transmutation of the species, the biological, social and cultural evolution of animal and man through means of natural selection and transformation. The mechanisms of variation, selection and preservation as organisms evolve and adapt to their environment by a repetitive process. An evolutionary algorithm that searches the variations of possible innovative forms and fitness landscapes for the species that are more adapted. Testing how well they perform, eliminating failure and retaining success…it sounds ad we are discussing sports!

image: Daniel Costa

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